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sketch picture of Yushu



Yushu, formerly known as Colleen Chan, later changed his name to Chen Kaixin, after attacking the performing arts circle named "Yushu" . She made her film debut in 1998's Shanghai Tango, which was very different from what it is today. It was called "the Ugly Duckling turns into a Swan" . In 1999, he starred in Chili's classroom with Monica Chan and others, and in 2000, he starred in the film Chicago vs. CCTV-6 with Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Fengyi and others, in the same year, he also co produced a TV series with Zhang Fengyi and Su Jin.

While studying abroad, she returned to China to star in a taekwondo themed TV drama, Qunying, with Director Frankie Chan and Actors Carrie Ng, Cao Ying and others. In order to show his fighting skills, Yushu trained in hell in Hong Kong and Shanghai a few months before the production started. According to Yushu's view on Chen Dao, in order to let the actors learn acting skills, Chen Dao would let the actors learn other skills according to the script requirement. Therefore in "Shanghai Tango" , Lin Xinru learned to dance tango; in "Pepper Classroom" , a group of actresses learned to dance and so on. (excerpt from the Popular Film Review Website)