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sketch picture of Yuriko Yoshitaka

Yuriko Yoshitaka

Actor / Voice actor

The Yuriko Yoshitaka, with her good looks and long hair, was discovered on the street by a talent scout and made her way into show business. She was a freshman in high school, shopping in Harajuku. The casting director who accosted Jigao was a woman who, in a gracious manner, eased Kokichi's guard and got his contact information. Since then, the Yuriko Yoshitaka has appeared in advertisements while reading and performing arts activities.

In 2009, she was still busy, playing a suicidal American college student in Noshima Shinji's latest film, the shuffle of Love, and her role in the suspense thriller the Gravity Jester is about to be released.

It was in 2006 that Gilgo really came to the public's attention. This year, she appeared in a number of TV series, TV series, such as the time-limited police, children, and so on. The September release of Kiko's dinner table Smash her. She won the 28th Yokohama Film Festival for her first film, in which she plays the sister of the main character, MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act. The film was made two years ago, when she was 16, as if she was her own age and had little acting experience.