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sketch picture of William Wyler

William Wyler

Director / Producer / Actor

William Wyler is a giant who can not be ignored because of his pursuit of the perfect character and shooting style. He was a very active director in Hollywood from the 1930s to the 1950s. He was born in Alsace, France, and studied at the Central Conservatory of Music in Paris, France, in 1922, when he met Cavan Leimer, the founder of American star system, Leimer happened to be a relative of the boss of universal pictures, so Leimer urged and recommended William Wyler to work for universal pictures, he also felt that the new world meant opportunity and success, and the William Wyler soon came to the United States.

William Wyler has produced 14 film stars who have won acting awards for Oscar, and he has won best director for Oscar three times, his films the Golden Age, Roman holiday and Ben Hur have been classics in the history of cinema. He has a reputation for perfection, shooting often and repeatedly, and has been dubbed the "Wheler of 99" .

He began directing in 1925, after some minor roles at Universal Studios, at a time when the talkies were fast approaching the end of the silent era. He began directing mostly Westerns, most notably hells and heroes in 1929. It wasn't long before, throughout the 1930s, he entered the golden age of his film career. The 1930s were a time of recession in the United States, and there was a great depression, but the Hollywood industry, which built the dreams of the masses, did not decline, but rather flourished. At this time, he is mainly based on a number of literary works adapted into the film, in 1937, he is based on Heilman's play, the film adaptation of the Dead End, which won the audience's praise. That same year, he made Jezebel, a film about the tragedy of a southern girl's life on the eve of the civil war. Bette Davis won the 11th Academy Award for Best Actress for his performance in the film. In 1939 he made the film of the same name, based on the novel Wuthering Heights by the British writer Brontë Family, starring the distinguished British actor Lorene, which was a great success.