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sketch picture of Viola Davis

Viola Davis

Actor / Producer

Viola Davis was born in Southern California in 1965 and moved to Rhode Island to grow up. Her father was a local horse groomer. Viola's family was not rich, and acting and writing became a way for her to escape the poverty of her material life. As a teenager, she showed great talent, winning a scholarship to study drama at Rhode Island College and then the prestigious juilliard school. In her view, four years at an elite school had both advantages and disadvantages, first providing her with the training and guidance necessary to become a versatile professional actress, and second, Juilliard did not focus on personality. In 2001, she performed Wilson's King Hedley II on Broadway, winning the Tony Award and Drama Desk Award. In films, Viola has worked with Steven Soderbergh three times (Out of Sight, the drug network, and into space 2002) and made a cameo appearance in Ocean's Eleven. But her film career has been short lived, with only one scene in Doubt, which won her a nomination from Oscar, though the confrontation with Meryl Streep was powerful, it's the best part of the movie.