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sketch picture of Toshihiko Seki

Toshihiko Seki

Voice actor / Actor

Toshihiko Seki, Japanese male vocalist. At 81 Produce. His major works include "the heroic female of Judo" (by Matsuda) , "the Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato" (by Qiu Ya, King of Shura) , "the most travelogue" (by Xuanzang Sanzang) , "the new mobile war" (by Duo Maxwell) , "the SEED" (by Raoul Shandong Kruser) , "the tale of all things told by Natsuhiko in the alley" (by Yamaoka) , "the Future GPX Cyber Formula" (by Bridger) , "the Nintama Rantarō" (by Tsuchii) , "the Kamen Rider Den-O" (by Telegraph Sword, telegraph by Climax Form, by Taotalos) , and "Battle: Warriors of the Space" (by warriors of light) .

It has also been used in Japanese versions of foreign television drama films such as doctor who, Taxi and the seven nights of strange tales. As of October 2008, there are about 200 works.