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sketch picture of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Actor / Producer / Voice actor / Director / writer

American film actors, known for their acting skills, have appeared in many different types of films, roles include the Vulnerable Agan, the inspired Philadelphia Story, and the delightful comedy the beautiful man in Sleepless in Seattle. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1994 and 1995 and is one of Hollywood's most influential movie stars.

Tom Began to grow hair and lose 18 kg for this film, fat and thin, good not hard, but reflects the pursuit of Tom's career.

Tom Hanks was born Tomas Hanks on July 9,1956, in Oakland, California. His father, Hanks, was a cook, and his mother, Jenna Turner, worked in the hospital. When he was five, his parents divorced and he was raised by his father, a cook. Since then, his father has married twice, and Hanks has had two different mothers. Before he was 10, he has been constantly on the move, constantly changing schools and addresses. As an adult, Hanks was reluctant to talk about his unhappy childhood. But also because of this, life made him learn to use a positive attitude to face life. "The past experience developed my independent spirit" , so that he learned to use a positive attitude to face life. It wasn't until he was a student at the University of California that he took an interest in acting, joined the school's Drama Club, and got in touch with professional knowledge and acting training. After graduating, Hanks moved to New York to pursue a career in acting.