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sketch picture of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Actor / Producer / Director / Voice actor / writer

A famous American movie star has made a successful transition from high school idol to adult role, becoming a super star with fame and fortune, and has made more than $1 billion at the box office. Multiple Academy Award winners.

Unlike many actors and stars, Robbie Kruse did not have a natural ability to act, and his success depended on his constant learning and practice, overcoming his weaknesses, and supplementing his experiences with useful ones. The early years of the spirit of suffering to help him, and finally, he with their tenacity, the spirit of hard study step by step to success and glory. Robbie Kruse's first film, lights out, Taps, 1982, was a comedy about life in a military camp, and he embarked on a struggle of tears and sweat. Later, there were a few films: adventure, Risky Business, 1983, the outsiders, All the All the Right Moves and Legend (1985) , but nothing happened. Robbie Kruse honed his acting skills in silence and silence, convinced that what he worked for was what he got. Sure enough, in 1986, Top Gun and Top gun went viral, and Robbie Kruse became an instant screen icon for eleven million young Americans, with his navy, aviator, and handsome face. The The Color of Money and Cocktail (Cocktail, 1988) have also done well, but it was Rain Man (Rain Man, 1988) and Born on The Fourth of July (1989) that really made Robbie Kruse a star. Although Dustin Hoffman is the star of rain man, outshining Robbie Kruse, Robbie Kruse's performance in the film has been greatly appreciated by both the audience and the director. Then came born on the fourth of July, which propelled him to the pinnacle of Fortune, with nominations for the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Actor.