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sketch picture of Tetsuya Takeda

Tetsuya Takeda

Actor / writer / Director / Voice actor

Fukuoka Libanfu Primary School, Sanzhu Secondary School, Fukuoka Prefecture Lizhu Purple Central Higher School graduates. Once aspired to study in Sakamoto, he twice challenged Kochi University's Liberal Arts Department and failed. On October 25,1972, he made his debut with Chiba and Nakuda as a marine aid team. It didn't sell at all, but Takeda made a name for himself by writing a letter of apology to his mother, a ballad for his mother (1973) , and joined the 25th NHK battle the following year. There was also a low point, with the 1977 film The Yellow Handkerchief being highly acclaimed, opening up new horizons for acting and bringing the team back into the spotlight. The success of 1979's three year group B Kinpachi made the theme song go away. In December 1982, after the break-up of the navy aid team as a singer, actor and writer activities. On 10 April 1993, the Marine Corps and "DreamLive in Fukuoka Dome" again formed a temporary team for one day. The team has been re-organised since 1994.