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sketch picture of Takuya Sato

Takuya Sato

Voice actor / Actor / Director

Mainly to perform the voices of young people and teenagers. But there are a lot of dubbing in foreign plays.

In late January 2013, he posted on his blog that he was married.

In the beginning, the opportunity to become a voice actor was due to his great love for Tejing. He had dreamed of becoming a hero in Tejing, but gave up because of his height. He later discovered the work of voice actor, i was thinking, maybe with the sound, we could do it.


出道之后,在动画领域并不算太活跃,但凭借2011年动画作品《卡片战斗先导者》中櫂俊树这一角色而逐渐受到注目,开始在各个领域参演。同作品广播节目『立ち上がれ! 僕らのヴァンガード』中。第一次担任主持。

广播『スタンドアップ! ヴァンガード』第6回惩罚游戏中,在搭档代永翼的指挥下展示了模仿的才能。自此之后便在各种场合进行模仿表演。顺带一提拿手绝活是真矢みき的模仿。