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sketch picture of Suraj Sharma

Suraj Sharma

Actor / Voice actor

Suraj Sharma, who grew up in a middle class suburb of New Delhi, India, the son of a software engineer and an economist, is the eldest son of Soula, a brother and a sister. In 2010, Life of Pi's production team held auditions in India, and after months of searching, the then 17 year old Suraj Sharma surprised himself by beating more than 3,000 challengers, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to star in this movie.

Director Ang Lee said: "We searched all over India for a boy whose innocence could appeal to us, whose depth could break our hearts, and whose physique could define Pi in exile. ". During the audition, Suraj Sharma showed a lot of emotion, and most of it was in her eyes. His gift of being able to believe and be in the world of the story is invaluable.

The SURAJ Sharma didn't have any acting experience. But Award Winning Director Ang Lee, who has enjoyed international fame for years, saw the potential of this charming and talented New Delhi boy and cast him as Pi.