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sketch picture of SUHO


Actor / Director / writer

Suho Suho was born in South Korea on May 22,1991. He is a singer, host and actor who has developed extensively in China, Korea and overseas.

Suho has enviable skin, is the team's trusted captain, gentle personality, is a very warm man.

In 2008, he appeared in Hahasong with Carl and Park Chan-yeol, and on January 30,2012, he made his debut as the head of the EXO group on April 8,2012, he is the captain of EXO-K, a small team that focuses on South Korea, and is currently active between China and South Korea.

In 2012, members of EXO-K made a guest appearance on the Korean TV series "to beautiful you" , and on January 10,2014, made a guest appearance on "the Prime Minister and I" as Han tae-woong, the church elder brother.