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sketch picture of Sofía Vergara

Sofía Vergara

Actor / Voice actor / Producer / Director

SOFÍA Vergara, a well known Latin model and actress. From a moderately wealthy family in Colombia, Queen Sofía of Spain went to a private bilingual español English school. As a child, she was conscientious in her schoolwork, enjoyed music, swimming and horseback riding, and had had five boyfriends. Queen Sofía of Spain married when she was 18 and had a son in 1992, but the marriage lasted only three years. She went on to take a three-year dental course at a university. SOFÍA Vergara has shown enough enthusiasm for the cause to use her influence to show that she does indeed set an example for Latin women. Queen Sofía of Spain is also a successful businessman with his own fashion brand, which was born in 2004. In addition, due to the high traffic on her homepage, she also has the title of "the Latin Queen of the Internet" .

Queen Sofía of Spain Plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the hit TV show Modern Family, the hot-chested wife of a wealthy old man whose ex-husband is a Bohemian, insecure man, so she wants stability, she has her own ideas and personality, she sticks to her traditions, she loves her son, she's devoted to Jay, she's a hot wife, she's a great mom. The show was amazing at the EMMYS. The comedy "Modern Family" Morden Family, with its strong ratings and critical reputation, was the comedy's big winner with 14 nominations and four awards at the 62nd annual American Emmy Awards. Queen Sofía of Spain was also nominated for a Comedy Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the 62nd EMMYS.