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sketch picture of Sin-Hye Hwang

Sin-Hye Hwang



Hwang hsin-hui is recognized as a great beauty in South Korea, has been one of the favorite actresses in South Korea, but his marriage gradually fade out of the entertainment circle. She is best known to Chinese audiences for her roles in Cinderella and her co-starring role with an jae-wook in nature. South Korean media analysts said that Huang Xinhui will return to the acting circle after the divorce, her popularity in South Korea will be promoted again.

Correct Chinese character: Hwang hsin-hui (Hwang Hwang Hwang Hwang)

Huang has been flaunting the couple's deep feelings in front of friends and in various interviews since her marriage, so her announcement caused quite a stir among fans, the report said. From the court received a divorce decree Huang Xinhui, temporarily cut off any contact with the brokerage firm, is in a place to adjust their mood. Her Agency says they are waiting for her to contact them and hope that she will soon return to her love of fashion and her acting career.