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sketch picture of Silvia Pinal

Silvia Pinal

Actor / Producer / Voice actor

A Mexican film actress, known as one of the pioneers of Mexican comedy, Nár has loved comedy since childhood. When she entered the film industry in the late 1940s, director Miguéres Torres offered her a role in the Bamba in 1948, marking the beginning of NÁR's film career. NÁR, along with renowned Comedians such as "Cantinfuras" and "Tinkerbell" , had appeared in a number of comedies, such as "the porter" (1949) and "the singer" (1950) .

In 1959, Pinault's artistic career turned around when she became a major Mexican film actress for her role in the film the Stranger on the stairs. In 1960, Binaar was given a role in Bunuel's Viridiana and became an internationally known actress. In 1962, he teamed up with Bunuel again to play a major role in angels of destruction. In addition to his talents on the big screen, Nár has often appeared in popular stage plays and has been invited to appear in several TV shows. Because of NÁR's international reputation, she has been invited to sit on the jury at various film festivals.