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Sheren Tang


Graduated from the Television Broadcasts Limited in 1984,2ND year. Now mainly in TVB shooting TV series. She's a Christian. In 1985, TVB premiered its first production of "Xue rengui Zheng East" . And signed a five-year contract with wireless. Sheren Tang's five years on the wireless were the most successful of her early career, with her leading lady in almost every show and on the cover of almost every magazine. In 1985, she entered the Television Broadcasts Limited with a natural love of acting, and was immediately acclaimed by the media for her first drama, Xue Rengui Zhengdong, which made her a TV diva. Especially in the "Happy Ghost" , "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" , "chivalrous swordsman" , "the big city boy" , "the final battle imperial city" , "Grey Net" and other series to perform the tender and lovable image, is loved by the audience, she was affectionately known on the mainland as "Little Barbara Yung" .

220 photos of Sheren Tang's 2008 mainland drama the woman under the Archway, which starred him, has become a huge hit in many places. His superb acting skills have also been widely praised by mainland audiences. In 2009, she was the only Hong Kong actress to judge the Magnolia Award at the 15th Shanghai Television Festival. The self-effacing Sheren Tang says she is committed to being a "Chinese actress" . We've seen her grow through the ups and downs of show business over the years, growing more confident, more comfortable in pain and glory. She with her inspirational TV role and the reality of "life affects life" the true meaning of the people around constantly inspired, but also spread love. In recent years, she has devoted herself to charity work, often doing volunteer work in her daily life. In her work, she has participated in many activities such as disaster relief, relief and school aid as a "child care ambassador" , "Love Ambassador" and "Poverty Relief Ambassador" . In 2007, the 41-year-old Sheren Tang was elected as the chairman of the Christian Hong Kong "artists' home" , adding another layer of responsibility and honor to the rich chapter of her life. In 2009, Sheren Tang was chosen as the "ambassador" of the 44th Hong Kong brands and Products Fair, whose job it is to sing the praises of Hong Kong and promote its industry and commerce. In 2010, he served as "Ping an mobile phone service" love ambassador. On December 5,2010, Sheren Tang won the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress with the nine girl in No Regrets. Sheren Tang became the first TVB in the history of Lian Zhuang's vision, the achievement of Sheren Tang's true legend! Sheren Tang's "nine girls" in No Regrets is more difficult to play than any of her previous roles, but she still plays her part so well that she's quite good at it. Industry insiders say that Sheren Tang's work over the years has been largely a hit, thanks to her acting skills and willingness to endure hardship. Once again, Sheren Tang has earned his place in this competition! Sheren Tang started her career in TVB, so without a transitional period, she naturally took the leading role. She was known as Barbara Yung's successor for her uncarved acting skills, ding Dong, Yao Xiaodie, such as the classic role of different periods of her various age groups show lively, pure, domineering multi-faceted style, the achievement of her TVB supremacy. Lam won the Telling Maria 2 award at the 43rd TVB awards. The years did not erase her face, but let her more and more solid, emitting can not be ignored aura.