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sketch picture of Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley

Actor / Voice actor

Shailene Woodley, American actress. Woodley, who was approached by a talent scout at the age of five, has enormous acting potential, and was born in 1991 and has appeared in 17 films and TV series. Her first official job was in the 1999 TV movie family crisis, he later starred in the Warner Bros. production of Julia Roberts's Children's Day Classic Felicity: The Adventures of an American girl, he has appeared frequently in Crossing Jordan, The O.C. and Warner Bros. , he has made guest appearances on such classics as Cold Case, My Name Is Earl, CSI: New York, and more. She also starred in the television film Close to Home, opposite Ann-Margret and Matthew Settle. In addition, she has appeared in more than twenty commercials so far.