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sketch picture of Sean Faris

Sean Faris

Actor / Producer

Sean Faris, a High School Sports Star and former model, was discovered at the age of 10 in the videotaped release spirit of the Brotherhood, and moved to Los Angeles after graduating to pursue acting opportunities, it wasn't long before a minor character in the blockbuster Pearl Harbor knocked on Hollywood's door. He also appeared in MTV's "Undressed" and guest-starred in hits like "the Steffens" , "High School" , "Smallville" and "one tree hill. " He has also played important roles in lesser known dramas such As Life As We Know It and reunion. In 2004, he co starred with Alyssa in the youth film all night, and in 2005, he played the oldest of 18 children in Yours, Mine and Ours. In 2007, he made three movies, never back down, always strong, and Brooklyn to Manhattan, and then starred in and produced The Glass Eye. Shawn recently starred in the CW hit the vampire diaries, where he plays Ben Mckittrick, the vampire villain.