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Saoirse Ronan

Actor / Voice actor

Saoirse Ronan was born in New York in 1994 to Irish parents and grew up in Carlow, a small town of 50,000. His name, Saoirse, means "freedom" in Irish. Her father, Paul Ronan, who had appeared in Ordinary Decent Criminal, Ordinary Decent Criminal, and numerous Irish films, was well known there, recalling years ago on the set of walk with the devil, the Co Star Brad Pitt once held four year old saoirse in her arms, but saoirse didn't get the part with her father's help or an Irish accent, in fact, she has never used an Irish accent in any of her productions, and in 2007 Baz Bamigboye, The editor of The Daily Mail, met Saoirse on The set of atonement, lauding her as "the smartest and most likable young actress I've ever seen" ; The subsequent blockbuster films also bear witness to the fact that Saoirse Ronan is becoming one of the most popular child stars of the new generation. Saoirse Ronan was first shown in 200304 by The Clinic, an Irish television series, starting with I Could Never Be Your Woman, Co starring Michelle and Paul Rudd, in 2007, he starred in Death defending Acts, a co production with Catherine Zeta-jones and Guy Pearce, and Briony Tallis at the age of 13, in Atonement, which was highly praised by Keira Knightley It didn't take long for her to compete so fiercely that she ended up with two important roles in a popular film adaptation of a best-seller, including The city of Ember, Conan's Tom Hanks fantasy adventure City of Ember, and a chance to star in Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones as Susy, The little girl who looks down from Heaven after her death, with Rachel Vichy cosmetics, Mark Wahlberg and Susan Sarandon playing her mother, Father and grandmother.