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sketch picture of Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Actor / Voice actor / Host

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Sandra Oh's parents married in South Korea and both graduated from the University of Toronto's Graduate School. Sandra Oh started ballet dancing in elementary school and began performing at the age of 10. Her awards include the 1994 Cannes International Audio-visual Exhibition Telling Maria 2, France, and double happiness, "last night" twice won the "Canadian Oscar, " known as the Telling Maria 2 award; In 2000, she won the Telling Maria 2 award for pole dancer. She met and fell in love with Alexander Payne in 2000, and they were married in January 2003. In life of a glass of wine, they first worked together, and Sandra Oh received rave reviews for her performance as the Feisty Princess St├ęphanie of Monaco. The pair announced their divorce a month after the Oscars won the Academy Award for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay. But Sandra Oh doesn't seem to have been affected by her failed marriage, and she continues to display her acting talent on the hit TV show Grey's Anatomy and in many films. In 2005 people ranked 43rd on its global beauty list.