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sketch picture of Sally Potter

Sally Potter

Director / writer / Musician

Sally Potter is perhaps one of the most important female directors in contemporary Britain. Born in 1949, she began making films as a teenager and learning to dance. This dual path continued when she made tango lessons, in which she played a role in her own film for the first time. Sally trained at the London Dance School in the 1970s and became a professional dancer and choreographer. She went on to start a dance company and make several dance movies. Sally is also a stage director, and her work is both challenging and entertaining. Sally directed various stage plays, was a poet and singer, played in makeshift music bands, and collaborated with composer Lindsay Cupar on a Moscow tour. She also co-wrote The music for "ORLANDO" with Davy.

Sally's 1979 short film, Thriller, based on La Bohème's opera, was well received at international film festivals. She went on to make "The Gold Diggers" (1983) , followed by a short film "The London Story" (1986) and a series of Channel 4 documentaries "Tears, Laughter, Fears and Rage" (1986) ; And a film about a Russian female director, "I am an Ox, I am a Horse, I am a Man, I am a Woman" (1988) . In 1992, Orlando was the film that earned the most prestige for the Sally Potter. The film strongly criticizes the image of women constructed by traditional values and tries to deconstruct the right structure of gender and class. The film, based on the Work of Virginia Woolf, a famous writer who was also a woman, is full of magic. ORLANDO, the protagonist, is an English aristocrat who was favored by Queen Elizabeth I of England when he was young, blessed with the gift of "not withering, not aging" . Over the next 400 years, heshe undergoes various rebirths and BAPTISMS, eventually awakening from gender confusion, becoming an independent woman of the 20th century, losing her possessions, acquiring a daughter, and writing a novel. The film was nominated for two Oscars, won more than 25 international awards and won best young film director at the European Film Academy Awards in 1993. In 1997, she wrote, directed and acted in Tango Lessons, starring the famous Tango Dancer Pablo Veron, which is again winning international acclaim. After Orlando, Baud was able to explore her passion for dance and filmmaking in tango lessons. It's an autobiographical film about her tango lessons. Though not as well received as before, some critics have called it a bit of a narcissist, as if it were a non genre film. In 2000, through crying man, she returned to the theme of a woman's lonely journey, telling the story of a Russian Jewish girl (Christina Ricci) who comes to England as a result of the war, and then comes to Paris as a dancer, and a gypsy (Johnny Depp) in love, due to the outbreak of World War II, fled to the United States to find her father left as a child experience. Of all the female directors, Sally Potter is an indispensable and unique one, whose films have been permeated with anxiety about female identity, and this feminist perspective has been adopted through different ways, but always the same form and problems expressed out.