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sketch picture of Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Actor / Director / Producer

Russell Crowe, an Australian actor, is the next big Hollywood star from Oceania after Mel Gibson, who ascended to the top of his career in 2000 with gladiator and skyrocketed in price. In view of his huge "reputation" , and was widely praised by the media, has been the United States "Entertainment Weekly" as "the artist of the year" ; Empire magazine also named him the sexiest man of the 20th century in Hollywood, and Russell Crowe beat out male stars in the men's magazine Gq for best man of the year, winning the award for best actor in a film was a real triumph.

In 2000, he won the best actor Oscar for "gladiator, " and his status soared. Most of the films that followed were big budget and glitzy, such as Ron Howard's Cinderella Man, Redli Scott's American Gangster and Body of Lies. His incredible acting skills range from the amiable Sima Hui to the Sinister Devil, with his unique strong face, introverted personality and personal charm, to be the hottest a-lister in Hollywood today.

Klaw was born in Wellington, New Zealand, to a Maori grandmother who moved the family to Sydney, Australia, when he was four. From a very early age, he accompanied his parents to the film set to deliver meals, inadvertently saw a large number of actors various performances, sometimes also was pulled to act as some temporary child actors. This gave him an early interest in film and acting, and at the age of six he had the chance to play a role in television drama's Spy force. It's his first GIG, playing an orphan. But since then he has not had any acting opportunities, there is no fixed career. He had to make a living. He worked as a BELLHOP.