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sketch picture of Roberto Benigni

Roberto Benigni

Actor / writer / Director / Producer

Roberto Júlio de Figueiredo Gian Lorenzo Bernini was born in October 1952 in Tuscany, Italy, with three older sisters. Roberto Júlio de Figueiredo fell in love with stage acting at the age of 10, working as a clown and a magician's assistant as a teenager. He arrived in Rome in 1971 and made his debut the following year in the comedy I Burosaui. After five years on the stage, Gian Lorenzo Bernini Co wrote the script for the comedy Berlinguer Ti Voglio Bene, in which he played a Cioni Mario. He was soon given major roles in films such as Cheedo Asilo, Il PAP'Occhio and IL Minestrone. In the 1980s, he was active in the fields of screenwriting, directing and acting, and his talent for comedy was further developed. In 1986, the first english-language film, Down By Law, the Down By Law comedy drew international attention and won the Nastro d'Argento for best actor in a silver ribbon. He appeared in Son of the Pink Panther in 1993 and, after making his first film, Il Mostro, the following year, set his sights on war. In 1997, he wrote, directed and acted in Life Is Beautiful, about Nazi concentration camp. The film has been an international success, winning numerous awards, including the Academy Award for best actor and four Silver Ribbon Awards for best actor. In 2000, he won the European Film Awards and World Film Award for outstanding achievement. Three years later, Gian Lorenzo Bernini returned in 2002 With Pinocchio, which unfortunately won the razzies worst director award. In 2005, he directed and starred in his own screenplay, La Tigre e La Neve.