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sketch picture of Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee

Actor / Voice actor

Lanimakheji, born on March 21,1978 in Bengal, India, actor. Representative works are "Black Style" , "I and you" , "Bandy and barbary" and so on. Her First Hindi film was Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat in 1996. The movie's Box Office is not ideal, but LANI's beauty and acting skills or attracted the attention of some insiders. Her next two films, Ghularm and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, which she co starred with her cousin Karel, were huge hits in India and overseas, and won most of the Filmfare awards of the year, it's one of Bollywood's top awards. Rani also won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in the film. She appeared in a number of films over the next few days, but the response was mediocre. It wasn't until 2001's the companion that Saathiya allowed her to combine art with box office success.

Lagny also performed at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006, featuring Indian culture.

Rani Rani's road to fame has not been smooth, because she has a hoarse voice, this is the actor performance is extremely unfavorable factor.