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sketch picture of Pink


Actor / Voice actor

Pink, a new generation Hottie with short, bright Pink hair and a cool outfit, is of Filipino descent, but was discovered by the record label at a supermodel talent show in Nice, France, and become the sister to the new generation cool band TLC. The difference, though, is that, in addition to its Tlc like Hip-Hop Beats, Pink Sings R & B love songs that rival those of Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton, especially with their turns and rich vocals, it was also surprising that Laface saw it as a secret weapon.

Pink has an indelible musical talent that will make her one of the biggest stars in the music industry...

At just 21 years old, Pink has been hailed by the media as the "Next mcdonald's. ". It's too soon to tell, but the singer, with her striking pink hair, has already dropped the "I'll take the world and paint it pink" line. Confident, forthright and outspoken, Pink often says her main goal is to break stereotypes. And as a white woman struggling in the talented R & B scene, she has, in fact, shattered the established conventions of the main battleground.