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sketch picture of Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley


Most people who met Penn Badgley through the CW teen drama Gossip Girl probably thought he was a newcomer, but in fact he had been struggling with acting for eight years, it was only after getting the part of Dan Humphrey, the show's out-of-towner, that I got a taste of star power. Born in Maryland in 1986, Badgley performed as a child in the theater, making guest appearances on such shows as will & Grace and the Young & the restless, and his good looks guarantee he has the potential to be a star, but the first few episodes of the WB (the predecessor of the CW) that played a major role in the series were unsuccessful, but in the end "Gossip Girl" made him and gave him more opportunities to appear on the big screen. In 2009, his new film was the horror film "Stepdad. ".

When he didn't have a acting job, Payne went to Santa Monica City University to finish his high school course. He has a musical talent and enjoys singing, writing and playing the guitar. In his spare time, Payne enjoys surfing and skiing.