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sketch picture of Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck

writer / Actor / Producer

Pearl Buck (Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, June 26,1892-march 6,1973) , an American writer who won The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1932 and The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938 for her novel The Good Earth, she is the only woman writer to win both the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize, and the most widely spoken writer in the United States.

On March 6,1973, buck died in Danby, Vermont, and was buried at Jebel Akhdar Farm in Poughkeepsie, Pennsylvania.

She was born on June 26,1892, in West Virginia, the son of Presbyterian Church in the United States Missionary Absalom Sydenstricker. Her parents came to Qingjiangpu (now the main city of Huai'an) , Jiangsu Province, three months after her birth, and later moved to Zhenjiang, where they lived in a bungalow at Runzhou Middle School of the Runzhou Mountain Presbyterian Association, she learned Chinese first and got used to Chinese customs (especially thanks to her teacher, Mr. Kong) before her mother taught her English. It is worth mentioning that she began to write with encouragement from an early age.