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sketch picture of On-Ying Chan

On-Ying Chan


Chan On Ying, a Hong Kong actress, is a voice actor. She graduated from St Ann to become an actress in the eighth stage of the Television Broadcasts Limited training course. She was also a freelance voice actor in the 90s.

A member of the eighth TVB Training Program (1979) , Chan On Ying was the supporting role in Jin Yong's drama. According to statistics, she has played Jin Yong 8 times in TVB, which is the largest number of Jin Yong plays among actresses. Three of them have appeared in silly Gu: the 83 version of "condor" and "Holy Eagle" , as well as "the condor couple" . In addition has also performed the Yin Li, Han Xiaoying, Ten-zan child grandmother and so on. Also in the series "Ghost Fox" in the role of "Xie Xiaotong" , "sword of the sun and moon" in the role of "Jiao Jiao woman. Now he often plays supporting roles on TVB shows. In addition, he often dubs TV / VCD DRAMAS / animations.