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sketch picture of Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

Actor / Voice actor

Nina Dobrev is a Canadian actor, singer, model and former Olympic gymnast.

In 2009, Nina starred in the CW hit series the vampire diaries, where she played Elena, a girl who is adored by a pair of vampire brothers. Nina also voiced Cupid in Madagascar.

Nina was born in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, on January 9,1989. She moved to Toronto, Canada, when she was two years old. At a very young age, she showed great enthusiasm and talent for drama, music, dance and other arts. She was discovered by the Toronto Talent Agency while studying at Dean Armstrong's Acting school, which laid the foundation for her future development.

In 2008, a sociology major at Ryerson University, she decided to drop out and pursue acting full time. Initially a model, Nina landed a commercial and auditioned for a movie. Soon after, she appeared in films such as "scattered pieces" and "the Werewolf who never cried" , and appeared in the sixth to ninth seasons of the CTV hit "the next generation of DIGERAS middle school. ".