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sketch picture of Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Actor / Producer / Voice actor / Director / writer

Natalie Portman, a famous American actress. He made a name for himself in Luc Besson's Leon, and has been working as a book director ever since.

From the first standing in the spotlight to today, the girl has now grown up, innocence still, but more mature woman's confidence and style. Natalie is proving to the world that she is, in fact, one of the most powerful and promising actresses of Hollywood's new generation.

Natalie always seemed to be able to play with Hollywood bigwigs. She went on to become the stepdaughter of Al Pacino in 1995's the wire and Jack Nicholson's daughter in 1996's Martians attack earth. That same year she appeared in the Woody Allen musical everyone says I love you. Natalie's effortless performance in the play won the audience's affection.

Towards the end of the th century, Natalie performed her most widely discussed role -- as the noble and Beautiful Queen Amidala in the Popular George Lucas's Star Wars: the Phantom Menace. Despite all the hype, it is a fact that the film has made a huge amount of money at the box office. Natalie's beauty is as well known as Hepburn's.