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sketch picture of Morgan Lily

Morgan Lily


Born April 11,2000, Santa Monica, California, USA. Just three months old, he's in show business, he's on the cover of a magazine. The advertising agency quickly noticed this, choosing Morgan to advertise certain baby foods and to participate in Disney's baby clothing line. In addition to her print ads, Morgan was also chosen to be the face of a public service announcement about the protection of mothers and children from violence.

Morgan Lily is a Showbiz Kid, both on screen and in real life. She loves to sing and dance. Her hobbies include comedy, magic and Ventriloquism. Plus, she's an animal lover.

At the age of four, she became popular as a print model. She appeared in a world-famous Fashion magazine. She also models for Sara Lee and Disney publications. She is increasingly appearing in advertisements for British fashion classics and on the covers of American girls'magazines.

Since then, Lily has appeared in the arrival of Henry Poole, you don't know his heart, 2012 and Flipped.

Lily starred in her first film, Shards, in 2005. The film reflects the suffering of American soldiers and their families caused by the Iraq war. Lily's success in the Shard landed her a Co starring role in the TV comedy welcome to the jungle gym with Jennifer Apex. This lighthearted film tells the story of a working mother struggling to keep up with her two girlfriends and family.