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sketch picture of Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown


Millie English surname was born in Spain to English parents. They moved to Orlando, Fla. , in 2011, after Millie went to an acting seminar to kill time on a Saturday, a Hollywood scout called Millie's parents and told them, "she has instincts you can't teach, " suggesting that Millie's parents, Millie, might "hang out with the best kids in Hollywood. " They packed their bags, driving from Orlando to Los Angeles, within a week, Millie met with the town's top child talent agency. She was represented by all the agents she met. Within three months, in Hollywood, Millie was offered the role of young Elise in ABC's Wonderland Saga. In November 2013, just after a self-recording audition that did not satisfy the producer director, Millie was offered the role of Madison o'donnell, the BBC US programme "the intruder" .