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sketch picture of Mike He

Mike He

Actor / Director

Mike He, also known as "Xiao Mei, " is a taipei-born Taiwanese entertainer. He is now an entertainer for HIM International Music.

Movie Credits: Future Cop, seven days in love with you, You Deserve to Be Single

School experience

TV PRODUCTION: seventh grader, Marriage Proposal Agency, love contract, let's get married, bad guy's house calls, demons at your side, Bull Fighting, love for love, Sunny Happiness, Love Keeps Going (hot shot)

Primary School: Sai Chung Kwok Primary School

Favorite Foods: Fried Chicken steak, mcdonald's chicken Burger, tomato and Sugar Gourd, Small sausage in large sausage (garlic) , corn chowder

Junior high school: The People's livelihood

FAVORITE DRINKS: juice, coke

High School: Nishimatsu

FAVORITE FRUITS: Cherry tomatoes, oranges

University: Taiwan Institute of Physical Education, now studying Tourism Department of Xingwu Technical College (studying) Mike He

Most hated subject: Math

Further information


Most desirable body parts: eyebrows, nose