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sketch picture of Michelle Jenner

Michelle Jenner

Actor / Voice actor

Michelle Jenna first appeared in a TV commercial when he was two years old. In 2000 she starred in the television series El Cor de la Cuitat, in which she played Al Cia. In 2004 she appeared as Natalia in the film Nubes de Verano, directed by Philip of Swabia Lope de Vega. From 2005 to 2010, Jenna Played Sarah in the comedy series Los Hombres de Paco. It was this comedy series that made Miranda famous in Spain. In 2009, Michelle Jenna starred in the film ntimos Y Extra Os, directed by Ruben Alonso; the same year, she took on the lead role in the comedy Spanish Movie, directed by Václav Havel Yumilka Ruíz Cardella. In 2011, she starred in a double feature, Don't Be Afraid, directed by Montxo Armzd, in which Michelle Jenna Plays Silvia, a child abused by his father, and Michelle Jenna, in Don't Be Afraid, talks to the abused child to study his role. The other is alien, a sci-fi comedy directed by Nacho Vigalondo and starring Michelle Jenna as Giulia, with girl Giulia caught up in a strange atmosphere that spreads between the four and Aliens Invading Giulia's city. In 2012, Michelle Jenna Played Isabella I of Castile in the Spanish historical drama Isabella I of Castile, which was shot by the Spanish broadcaster Isabella I of Castile and directed by Jordi Frades.