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sketch picture of Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Mehmet Akif Alakurt


He entered the world of fun fashion as Erberk's modeling agency. In 1998"most promising" and "Prince of Turkey, " took the title. In 2001, Mehmet Akif Alakurt won Turkey's best model title. That same year, he won two world models (2001) . He played his first series in 2002, when Ali Koman broke the mirror, (Catherine McPhee, Buber's Yesim) , and in 2005, he struck an olive branch to the Kenan series, with Berg Zarkorel. In 2006, he played for Ahmet Gesili's Haz series, with Kurtiz. The turning point in Mehmet's career came when he starred as the lead actor, playing Boran Aga, the perfect man in the 2006 Sila series. Then, in 2008, he played Maraz Ali, the Wise Maraz Ali in Adanali, tough, good thief! In 2011, Mehmet Akif Alakurt played another in the series reese as a young man who talks back from a very bad financial situation in the United States and finds his family in debt, he was forced to work as a fisherman to support his family and pay off their debts.