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sketch picture of Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally

Actor / Voice actor / writer / Producer

Born in 1958 in La, her father was a Paramount Pictures contract actor who spent his whole life in the theater, so she had no background. She graduated from High School in Oklahoma and later northwestern, where she met an alumnus, Laura Innes, and the two became good friends. Laura Innes was a year older than Megan and didn't become famous until she played ER in'95.

In 2003, she married actor Nick Offerman, 12 years her junior, who now stars in the TV series Parks and Recreation and Recreation, Ron Swanson, and made a Cameo in Will & GRACE IN 2001!

She studied ballet at the School of George Balanchine, a famous choreographer. Her first role was in The television film The Children Nobody Wanted in 1981, and she was nominated for a young artist award in 1986 for her role as Molly Brewer Ross in The Ellen Burstyn Show. After that, it's still a bit of a cameo in TV shows like Seinfeld, Frasier and you're on fire, as well as Anywhere But Here and Best Man in Grass Creek.

Since'92, he's been dating movie star Alec Baldwin's manager, Michael A. Katcher, who was married for four years, was an early acting contact for The Wonder year.