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sketch picture of Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode

Actor / Voice actor

Born in 1978, Matthew Goode, a handsome British actor with a boyish appearance, is the youngest of five children, and his father, Matthew Goode, is a geographer, my mother worked as a nurse and directed a local community theater group. Encouraged by her mother, Matthew Goode performed in a number of plays from an early age and studied at the University of Birmingham and the prestigious Webb Douglas College of dramatic art in London.

More recently, the Matthew Goode has joined Zack Schneider in directing the Comic Book Change Movie Watchmen, the British actor, who glides through romantic comedies, family ethics, crime thrillers and Superhero Movies, has a constantly refreshing talent and great potential.

After performing in some of Shakespeare's plays, he took to the stage in 2002 with a new twist on the Cinderella story in a TV movie called the confession of an ugly stepsister, after starring in the Spanish film south of Granada and making a cameo in the BBC Detective Series Inspector Linley, in 2004 Guti stood out in a series of auditions attended by handsome young British men, he got the chance to star in the teen comedy the president's daughter, a trip to Europe, with his daughter, Mandy, and successfully knocked on Hollywood's door.