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sketch picture of Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox

Actor / Voice actor

Matthew Fox, an American actor and former model, graduated from Columbia University in 1989 in economics and studied acting for two years at the New York Film and Television School. In 1994, he became an overnight sensation with the American Sitcom "Party of Five. ". In 1996, people magazine named him one of the 50 most attractive people in the world. He is best known for his role as Jack Shephard in television drama's lost. Wife Margherita Ronchi, one daughter, one son.

Matthew Married Margherita Ronchi, two years his junior, in August 1992, "I've always loved my wife, not only because at the beginning of my career she was a waitress in cafes and restaurants to support my work, but also because she was my source of strength and I couldn't stay away from her for more than a day, " said Matthew, who lives in Hawaii with his wife, daughter and son, in their spare time, they watch the latest episode of lost with the rest of the crew.

Born on July 14,1966, in Matthew Fox, Wyoming, the son of a local rancher, he grew up on a horse ranch and became a skilled jockey by the age of six. His father, Fran├žaise Fox, was a geographer and rancher, and Fox's mother, Loretta B. Eagono, was a school teacher. He has seven sisters, Matthew, as Francis, Jr. , and younger brother, Belhade. After graduating from Wind River High School, Fox attended Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. A year later, he entered Columbia and became a star on the School's football team. Fox himself had a Hindu dream when he was young, so he believed in Hinduism.