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sketch picture of Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick

Actor / Voice actor / Director / Producer

Born a baby face, she grew up in Greenwich Village, the son of a famous stage and film actor, James Brodrick, and a mother, Brodrick. In High School, Matthew was interested in sports and drama, but because of a knee injury, he had to focus on the latter, performing with his father when he was 17. After graduation, he took part in the stage play the same sex couple, which opened in 1988 and still stars Matthew. After the release of the truant, Matthew became famous. Given his physical appearance, he mostly plays the role of a teenager, and in Glory, he tries to grow up and get rid of his old wet behind the ears. He eventually rose to the top of the box office with films such as Godzilla. Over the years the works have been in a variety of genres.

In 1996, Matthew co-produced, directed, and starred in Infinity 1996, working closely with his mother as a screenwriter, but the film was not a success, either in terms of word of mouth or box office success, and his dream of being a producer and director was cut short. In 1998, his first action-effect Blockbuster, Godzilla, was a box-office hit, but met with bad reviews, and two sequels have yet to be signed. In addition to making films, he has occasionally returned to the New York stage to make a cameo appearance in plays such as Night Must Fall.