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sketch picture of Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

Actor / Director / Producer / writer

Mark Ruffalo, a native of Wisconsin, moved with his family to Virginia as a child, where he spent his teenage years. After high school, Mark Ruffalo moved with his family to San Diego, then north, and finally to Los Angeles.

His move drew the attention of officials at the Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security. Mark Ruffalo found out he was on a terrorist watch list. While he will not be prevented from getting on a plane, he may be subjected to more intense scrutiny by TSA officials when he is at the airport. Mark Ruffalo says he is not worried about being labelled a security threat, but rather amused.

He studied at the Stella Adler School of Music, then co-founded the edirondacks and began performing in plays. He worked hard at everything to raise his profile. He was an actor, writer, director and producer. Still, he was denied film and Television appearances and earned a living as a bartender for almost nine years. Just as he was about to give up his acting career, Kenneth Langan, a playwright and film writer, took a shine to him, and the opportunity changed his life.