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sketch picture of Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

Actor / Voice actor / Director / Producer / writer

Marion is one of the most accomplished actresses in recent years. She was born into a family of actors in Paris. Her parents have always been active in the theater. From an early age, Marion displayed a surprisingly precocious talent, performing alongside her mother. As an adult, Marion played small roles in TV dramas and later gained attention for his films.

In 2004, Marion appeared in the star studded hit A Very Long Engagement and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. The same year, she won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act. What really got Marion's attention was 2007's La vie en rose, in which she played legendary French singer Edith Marion, a role that left her stunned. For her role, Marion won numerous prestigious awards, including the Golden Globe, the Caesar Award and the Oscar Award, all of which gave her a moment of Telling Maria 2 that was as much about her beauty as it was about her acting prowess.

In 1998, the Luc Besson's favorite, Marion, was nominated for the Caesar Award for most promising actress for her performance in the hit movie taxi driver, then there was taxi 2, which won her the MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act at the CABOURG Romantic Film Festival. Adventurous, she also dabbled in short films and films on sensitive subjects including homosexuality, and in 2001 Marion starred in beautiful things, One Person, Two Roles, she gave full play to her outstanding acting skills in the image of different characters, and in the critical acclaim, she was nominated for the Caesar Award for most promising actress. In 2003, Marion starred in the Classic Love Story The Wonder Years, which was once hailed by fans as a heartfelt love story and a masterpiece of Leon Litou's writing.