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sketch picture of Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross


Standing 1.78 meters tall, with gorgeous red hair and clear blue eyes, rare beauty and wisdom.

Desperate Housewives has changed the lives of others, and she certainly doesn't shy away from adding some color to her life. Felix Kroos, 43, married businessman Tom Mahony, 43, this summer for the first time.

Compared to the other housewives in Desperate Housewives, Felix Kroos was the only 18-year-old who had wanted to be an actress since she was a child. She was accepted by the famous Juilliard School and majored in drama. Since 1984, she has been involved in a number of series, films and even some of the film's set design.

In 1992, Felix Kroos was given the role of a doctor on the television series Melrose Place, and has been known ever since. In 1993, after the death of her longtime partner, the actor Richard Jordan, who was 24 years her senior, Felix Kroos never had a serious relationship. In 1997, she took a year off work and earned a master's degree in psychology.