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sketch picture of Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

Actor / Voice actor / Director / Producer

Born in Queens, New York, on December 2,1968, he grew up with his brother in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, and his parents are from Beijing and Shanghai. Funnily enough, she didn't speak English until she was five. Her parents were immigrants from Taiwan. When she was in Taiwan, her father was an engineer and her mother was a biochemist, both intellectuals, Taiwan, moved to the United States and gave up their careers. But after immigrating to the United States, they had to start from scratch, working as slaves, laborers and other jobs to support their families. To make a living, Lucy Liu's father even sold his watch and pen. Later, his father saved some money by selling watches and bought an old apartment to live in. Now he has become an industrialist and runs a paper mill. Because of her parents'insistence on her studies, Lucy Liu was quite conscientious. She graduated from the prestigious Stuyvesant High School in New York City in 1986, attended nyu, and transferred to the University of Michigan a year later, bachelor of Arts in Asian Languages and cultures. She was a waitress in Michigan