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sketch picture of Louis Hofmann

Louis Hofmann

Actor / Voice actor

Born on June 3,1997, Louis Hoffman is a German actor best known for his portrayal of Tom in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He was born in Mönchengladbach and lives with his brother and his parents. For the first time in front of the camera, he was given the opportunity to broadcast the World Development Report on Servicezeit Television, where he tested and passed the mission of reporting on the Ausflieger Family's leisure activities in the transmission section. After working for two and a half years, he expressed his desire to become an actor on the television program Agentur Schwartz. He starred in the 2009 film series Lowinski, Played Edgar Selge's son in his first film, Verlorene, and officially became a German child actor. In 2010 he played David Salzbrenner in the TV movie Der Verlorene Vater, Sascha Kleinert in the TV movie Tod in Istanbul, and Fabian l dtke in the movie Danni Lowinski with the interlude Hundeleben. In 2011 he starred in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer's Tom, alongside León. Seidel as Jaqué. With Neale Fenn. In 2012 he played Max Rensing in the film Wilsberg and sang the Interlude Aus Mangel an Beweisen, and his co production of the adventures of huckleberry Finn was his third collaboration with director Hermine Huntgeburth. The films, based on Mark Twain's classic novel, are shown at a German cinema on December 20,2012. In 2013 he played Dennis Kessler in the film Stolberg and sang the interlude Der Verlorene Sohn, played Aaron in the film Der Perfekte Mann and Wolfgang in the film Freistatt. He played Sebastian Schumann in the 2015 film Land of Mine. In 2006-2009, Louis. Hoffman starred in the Radio Drama Die Ausflieger. Actor won the Best Young Actor Award at the 2015 Bavarian Film Awards for Freistatt 2015 and the Best Actor Award at the 2015 Tokyo International Film Festival for Under Sandet Ller 2015. Actor won a Tiantian Best Actor Award at the Beijing International Film Festival in 2016 for Under Sandet 2015, and a Bodil Best Supporting Film Under Sandet 2015 at the Bodil Awards the same year, actor nominated Robert Best Supporting Actor in the Robert Festival the same year for Under Sandet 2015.