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sketch picture of Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow

Actor / Voice actor / Producer / writer

Lisa Kudrow was born into a wealthy family, the son of a brain specialist and physician and a travel agent. A High School student at Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Calif. , and a College student at Vassar College, he studied biological sciences and plans to pursue his father's career. After graduating from Kudrow University, he worked for eight years at his father's institute. While she was there, she took part in a few side shows to earn some money for her crowdsourced headache medical research.

In 1997, Lisa Kudrow was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people. On May 27,1995, he married advertising executive Mikell Sturn. Three years later, his son, Julian the Apostate Merey, was born and they live in Los Angeles.

From an early age, Lisa had a talent for acting. She could recite long lines from the musical fiddler on the roof and pretend to be a character, she has performed fiddler on the roof on several occasions, and one of her teachers still remembers Lisa's excellent performance.