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sketch picture of Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann

Actor / Voice actor

Leslie Mann, a slender, petite blonde, first appeared on ABC's short lived drama Birdland, and first appeared on the big screen in 1996, when she made her debut in the film what I never told you, later, in Ben Stiller's Cable Repairman, Co Star Matthew Broderick praised her appearance as if she had the look of a Marlene, and the show's producer, Jade Apatou, soon became Lessley's husband. She has also challenged lesbians and prostitutes in love is the one and the toughest, and starred in the Family Comedy George of the Jungle with Brandon Ficheux.

After a break from acting, Leslie Mann became a mother, and in 1999 she took a sexy turn as a hot waitress in Adam Sandler's dad goes places. Leslie Mann recently appeared in his husband Apatow's hit films the 40 year old virgin and knocked up, both of which featured small but likable roles, at the height of his career.