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Lena Olin


Swedish actress Lina had a successful career long before she came to Hollywood. A Beautiful Swedish actress as Greta Garbo as "Borgman's actress. " , lina got her start in the acting world by acting in a number of plays and films by the renowned Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. In Western Europe, she is best known for the film Prague Love. After arriving in the United States, she appeared in many noble, exotic, shrewd, seductive roles. Pollak, who directed out of Africa, rewrote the script for Havana specifically for her. In 1989, Lina was nominated by the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for enemy, a love story. In 2000 she played the Underdog Josephine in Chocolat, an Academy Award nominated film that earned her a screen actors guild nomination. She later moved to the small screen, where she appeared in the TV series Alias, playing the beautiful, seductive and evil Irina Derevko, the mother of Sydney Bristow, played by Jenny Ghana. She was nominated for an emmy for her role in the Drama Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.