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sketch picture of Laura Linney

Laura Linney

Actor / Voice actor / Producer

He was born in New York City, New York, USA. Her father, Romulus, was a brilliant playwright. Although she did not live with her father, her parents had divorced when she was still a baby, and her world was bound up with her father's profession from an early age. She graduated from Brown University in 1986 and attended juilliard school where she studied acting and the art theatre school in Moscow. After graduating from college in 1986, he went out on Broadway and local stage and won the World Theatre Award for invisible landscapes. Her performances in Gaber and six separate angles have made her a star. Lynne's film career began with small roles in the early 1990s. He later starred as Mary Annie in the eponymous series tales of the city, Tales of the city 2 and tales of the city 3, based on tales of the city. The darling daughter of respected "off-broadway" playwright Romulus Linney, she attended Brown University after High School in Massachusetts and soon began appearing on Broadway. Her roles in The Seagull and Six Degrees of Separation have brought her to The fore, especially in Hedda Gabler, where she is widely praised.