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sketch picture of Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar

Actor / Voice actor / Producer

Kunal Nayyar is an actor who studied at the Columba School in New Delhi, India. He studied business and earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Portland and a master's degree in art from Temple University in Philadelphia.

The Big Bang theory was Kunal Nayyar's first TV show as a regular character. Before that, he did a cameo on NCIS. His production of Cotton Candy was well received, and his stage work included Huck and Holden at the Dahlia Theatre in Los Angeles, for which he won the Garland Award for best West Coast actor.

Nayyar's early musical career began as a teenager. After High School, he left India to study business in the United States and took acting classes at University of Portland. Over The next few years, he was nominated for best actor for his play The Rose Tattoo, and was invited to compete in The American College Student Arts Festival competition, where he won a grand prize. He later earned his master's degree at the University of Philadelphia.

In 2007's The Big Bang Theory (The Big Bang Theory) , The first time Kunal Nayyar played a major role in The play, Rajesh Koothrappali played a gifted doctor from India with severe interpersonal difficulties.