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sketch picture of Kang Ta

Kang Ta

Actor / writer

English name: An Qixuan

Tenor: 2 years (690 days)

Korean name:

Service: Search (Field Forces)

Stage name: Kang Ta

MILITARY TIME: April 1,2008 to February 19,2010

Occupation: Singer, actor, S. Director (and shareholder) of M entertainment

Goal of Kang Ta: to become a singer and songwriter in Korea No. 1.

Date of birth: October 10,1979(Korean Lunar Calendar) November 29,1979(Gregorian calendar)

In H. O. T. Who are you close to: Moon Hee-joon and Tony An

Constellation: Sagittarius

20 Angels in a dream

Height: 178cm (17 when he started) / 180cm (now)

The dress number in"CANDY": 27.

Weight: 65 kg

Color in Candy: Green.

Blood type: B

Trademark by Kang Ta: Beauty and a perfect voice


Showbiz friends: Comet Shin, Ahn Jae-wook, Chichen, Ryu Si-won, Lee Ji-hoon, Tony An, Vanness Wu

Shoe Size: 38

MOTTO: BE A useful person

HOBBIES: Listening to music, collecting cds

Ideal Lover: A girl who loves my work and music as much as she loves herself

Musical Instruments: piano, Guitar, drums

Likes the type of girl: Not Talkative, smart, long hair, petite, big eyes, kind, shy, need his protection