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sketch picture of Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Actor / writer

Justin Hartley, born January 29,1977) , Aquarius, was born in Knoxville, USA. He is an American actor, writer and director.

From 2006 to 2011, Justin Hartley Played Justice League member Oliver Queen Green in the CW series Smallville, and in 2012 he played leading man Will in the CW series medicine

His Height: 6'3", 1.91 m, Hartley graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and studied history and theater at University of Illinois at Chicago. Not long after moving to Los Angeles, Hartley began his television career as a prodigal son on the soap opera Passions.

In 2003, Justin Hartley started dating co-star Lindsay Korman. Six months later, they were engaged on November 13,2003. He was married on May 1,2004. On July 3,2004, she had a lovely daughter, Isabella Justice. Hartley's favorite pastime is baseball, and he's also an avid basketball fan. On May 6,2012, Justin and Lindsay filed for divorce after eight years of marriage.